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Research & Developement
R&D Center
Center scale
Center scale
The company investments more than 4% of the company's sales revenue in R&D funds accounts annually, and by 2022 it has invested more than 100 million yuan in total.
Scope of study
The research team carries out R&D work in the fields of "microbial synthesis, enzyme engineering, process optimization,chemical synthesis and separation, energy saving and emission reduction, and process amplification, which has brought significant economic and social benefits to the company.
Major partner universities
R&D Team
Bioking R&D Center is a nationally recognized “provincial enterprise research institute", which consists of Research Center, Incubation Center and Amplify Center. The Institute cooperates with Jiangnan University. Zhejiang University and other renowned universities, and has gathered a group of outstanding scientific and technical personnel such as professors, post-doctoral students and master students.
R&D Achievements
The R&D center carries out R&D work in the fields of microbial biosynthesis, enzyme engineering, process optimization, chemical synthesis & separation, energy conservation & emission reduction, and process amplification to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. In addition to independent research and development, the R&D center maintains close industry-university-research cooperation with famous domestic universities including Zhejiang University, to conduct joint research and development in new strains, new processes, new products and other fields.
  • R&D center undertakes many projects, such as National 563 Plan, National Torch Plan, National Key New Product plan, Zhejiang Maior Science and Technolagy Special Plan. Hangzhou Key Project of Industry-Universiby-Research...
  • 17 patents have been applied for, of which 13 are authorized for invention and 1 is authorized for Europe.
  • More than 20 academic papers have been published, including more than 10 SCI papers.
  • Bioking has won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, the first prize of Ministry of Education Science and Technology...
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